Dec 13, 2004

Just add rosewater

There's a way to sweeten plain, boring yoghurt. Turn it into Rose Lassi.

Lassi is the milkshake of India, an ayurvedic concoction made of yoghurt, rose water, cardamon, mint, cumin and pistachios. In particular, rose water or gulab jal is an important ingredient in the kitchens of Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Rose Lassi is divinely magical. I blended my first rose lassi drink a few Valentine's ago after seeing a recipe in a popular food magazine. To my surprise, rose lassi proved to be a potion for the heart. Not even rose wine or sparkling champagne could mimic magical feelings. The scent of rose water mingling with yoghurt and ice cubes evoked love. The pink paleness of yoghurt stained with rose petals was wonderfully soothing to the heart. After a few sips, I was drunk with the headiness of damask rose. Truly, rose lassi is a lovely, inspiring, mystical Indian drink.

Rose Lassi

2½ cups plain yogurt
½ cup fine sugar
2 teaspoons pure rose water
¾ cup iced water
1 cup ice cubes, cracked
a few fragrant rose petals for garnish

Blend the yogurt, sugar, rose water and iced water in a blender for 2 minutes. Add ice and pour the lassi into tall, refrigerated glasses and garnish with rose petals.

Sip and fall in love with life.


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